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7 Tips For Moving In The Winter

Moving is a significant undertaking, and when it comes to tackling it in the winter months, there are unique challenges to consider.

7 Tips For Moving In The Winter

At Move Waco, we understand the intricacies of winter moves and have compiled a list of essential tips to help you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently.

1. Plan Ahead and Monitor the Weather Forecast

Early Preparation is Key

In winter, weather conditions can be unpredictable. Start your planning well in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays. Make a checklist of tasks, including packing, hiring movers, and coordinating logistics.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Monitor the weather forecast closely leading up to your moving day. Being aware of any potential snowstorms or icy conditions will allow you to make necessary adjustments to your plans.

2. Dress Appropriately and Stay Warm

Layer Up

On moving day, ensure everyone involved is dressed in layers to stay warm and comfortable. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics to prevent sweating, and don't forget to wear a sturdy pair of waterproof boots.

Provide Hot Beverages

Offering warm beverages like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa to your moving crew not only keeps them comfortable but also adds a welcoming touch to the day.

3. Protect Your Belongings from the Elements

Use Plastic Bins

Consider packing your belongings in sturdy, waterproof plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This extra layer of protection can be a lifesaver if there's any exposure to snow or rain.

Use Furniture Blankets and Plastic Wrap

Wrap your furniture in blankets and use plastic wrap to seal them. This not only protects them from moisture but also provides an additional layer of insulation.

4. Clear Pathways and Parking Areas

Snow Removal and Salting

Before the movers arrive, ensure all walkways, driveways, and pathways are clear of snow and ice. This minimizes the risk of accidents and keeps the moving process efficient.

Reserve Parking Spaces

If possible, reserve parking spaces close to your home to minimize the distance movers have to carry heavy items. This is especially crucial in winter when conditions can be hazardous.

5. Protect Your New and Old Homes

Floor Protection

Lay down protective materials like cardboard or plastic sheets to prevent tracking in snow, mud, or salt into both your old and new homes.

Set Up a 'Mudroom'

Designate an area near the entrance for wet boots and outerwear to prevent them from being tracked through the house.

6. Have a Backup Plan

Have a Contingency for Delays

Despite careful planning, winter weather can sometimes cause unexpected delays. Have a contingency plan in place, including a backup moving date if needed.

7. Hire Professional Movers for Expertise

Trust the Experts

Consider hiring professional movers like Move Waco who are experienced in navigating winter moves. Their expertise can make a significant difference in the efficiency and success of your relocation.


Moving in winter may present its challenges, but with the right preparation and precautions, it can be a seamless process. At Move Waco, we're dedicated to ensuring your move is as smooth as possible, regardless of the season. Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to a successful winter move. Contact Move Waco today for expert moving services tailored to your needs.


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